1.0 Pop Art Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are paintings that create a conversation and attract attention and curiosity. Most of my Statement pieces are larger than “poster size” (24×36 inches).

I Should be getting Home 36×40 inches
Wedding Delayed Covid 2020. 48×60 inches
Stuck in Seattle COVID 2020 36×36″
No, Daddy Still isn’t Home Yet 20×30 inches
There Must be Something More…48×60 inches
Better Dress Better…Everything! 48×60 Oil on Canvas Gallery wrapped
L’Arrangement 48×60 inches Oil on Canvas sold but giclee available
SOLD I’m Very Married 36×60 Oil on Canvas
Close the Shade! 36×36 inches Oil on Canvas
SOLD Envy 20×24 inches Oil on Canvas
Stop Following! 24×36 inches
Don’t Open the Car Door!
No Need to go Home Yet…48×60 inches Oil on Canvas sold
Where is He? 48×60 inches Oil on Canvas sold
Thoughts After the Date 24×36 sold
Stalking 48×60 inches Oil on Canvas gallery wrapped floating frame